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How BrochureCloner Can Help Build your Buisness

What is BrochureCloner and how it can help build your business.

With forecasts for online shopping heading to new record levels it would be fair to say that traditional ‘mail order’ has all but disappeared. However it would also be fair to say that catalogues and brochures are still a great way to access extensive product information with high quality imagery.

Here are BrochureCloner was have been building brochure apps for businesses since the start of 2013 and we are now the prefered brochure app developer for many businesses worldwide.

The BrochureCloner app platform allows you to create a truly digital brochure/catalogue in a simple easy workflow using your existing ‘print’ PDF.  With digital brochure publishing, businesses have an opportunity to turn product and service information from a flat static page into an engaging user experience. Combining the catalogue/brochure format with the tablet/smartphone platform  is very powerful,  offering the best of both worlds for retailers and service providers alike.

With millions of ‘smart’ devices in use worldwide – having your brochure/catalogue as an app rather than just a web-based ‘page turning’ document gives you a clear competitive advantage.

In this format, catalogues can be designed with additional rich media in mind to both highlight and showcase your businesses products and services.

Benefits of publishing a digital catalogue as an app are:

  • Access to extended product information.
  • High resolution display of your products.
  • Combine multiple channels – mobile, social sharing, air print, email, web and e-commerce.
  • Accessibility – your  brand and product goes wherever the iPad/iPhone or Android device goes.
  • Rich Media – incorporate video, audio and animation into your publication.
  • Content changes are updated immediately, keeping your information current.
  • Serves as a very important extension of your existing printed brochure.
  • Your brand shows as an icon on the users device raising your brand visibility

To arrange a ‘no obligation’ demo of BrochureCloner showcasing your current brochure or catalogue in the app stores – please click here.

Welcome To BrochureCloner

Welcome to the BrochureCloner Blog !

The brochure app developer trusted worldwide. We build catalogue apps for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, smartphones and Kindle Fire.

Tablets and smartphones have revolutionised the way people read, so it’s time to publish your catalogues and brochures on app stores. It’s a great new era for businesses who can now reach a global market without the costs and limitations of print and post. Partner with BrochureCloner and we will build and deploy your own branded brochure app for all major platforms.

You simply provide the branding and your PDFs and we do the rest. Within a couple of weeks your app will be available on app stores and you’ll start to reap the rewards.