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How To Build A Brochure App

Here at BrochureCloner, we often receive enquiries and questions from potential new clients – who just do not know where to start when it comes to getting their publication into ‘app’ form –  so just how do you make a brochure app?

The whole initial app store approval process can be a minefield of red tape and Apple App Store challenges. This is why we offer businesses a fully managed service, that is to say we supply you with the PDF specifications and a simple form to complete.  Once the  forms are back from you and we have your set of  initial PDFs, we will build your app and then submit it to the app stores for approval on your behalf  (App store approval can take around two weeks).

Once we have built your brochure app for you and it has been approved within the app stores then creating new brochures and publications within your app is both quick and very easy and there is certainly no specialist training required.

Using our simple administration dashboard, updating existing brochures and adding new ones takes no time at all.  The major benefit being that once you make a change or add a new brochure then existing App users will notified of this and be prompted to download the new or updated information.  This means that you will alway have your current information our there and live within the marketplace.

In addition, we offer you unlimited storage for your brochures/catalogues and also unlimited FREE downloads.  This means that our pricing figures are totally transparent, unlike so many other digital brochure publishing platforms out there are no hidden or unexpected costs.  During the lifetime of your app with us you are also entitled to free app upgrades, this means that when new devices or operating system are available your app will automatically be upgraded to ensure your app is continually compatible to the whole of the ‘smart device’ marketplace.

Curious to see how you current catalogue or brochure would look in app form, then why not arrange a ‘no obligation’ demo.  Click here and being your digital journey.